Monday, September 24, 2012

Eating, Pooping, Crying, Sleeping

A baby.  An eating, pooping, crying, sleeping baby.  Are we ready for this?  Is anyone ever really ready for a baby?  We are as ready as we’ll ever be.  Every time we are around the baby of a friend of ours, we get that fever once more and know that when it happens, our lives will be changed forever for the good.  

Why do I think we're ready?  Because a baby is more than an eating, pooping, sleeping, crying being.  It’s a cuddly, cooing, loving, smiling, giggling being that brings more joy into your life than you ever thought possible.  

Are we ready for this?  You bet your ass we are.  BRING IT ON.  Oh, but we either need to sell our house and buy a bigger one or have the money to add on.  Just FYI to whatever gods are reading my blog.