Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4 Weeks of Awesome

4 weeks in to my physical therapy – twice a week sessions.  4 weeks of waking up with anxiety knowing I was going to have dilators inserted in my vagina that day.  4 weeks. 

On the first session of my 4th week I went ahead and made my 2 appointments for the following week.  During my session, however, I found out that I was doing so well that the 5th week I was able to go down to once a week.  AND, she said she thought I might be able to graduate that week!   So I went from an estimated 8 weeks in physical therapy to possibly graduating in 5!  I was pretty stoked.   Me and my vagina, we’re so awesome we’re graduating early. 

The 2nd session of my 4th week went a little differently.  We tried to go up to another size in my kit that was a little bit of a jump from the one I was currently using.  This dilator caused some slight pain.  I was unable to relax enough to breathe through the pain this time.  So we decided that I would purchase another one of their dilators that is slightly smaller.  This one went much better.  It’s so odd though, because to me it looks BARELY smaller than the one we tried first.  Still, the following week only one session was the plan. 

I did not in fact get to graduate the 5th week.  I had some minor pain again so my PT decided she wanted me to focus on this dilator (size medium) for another week and come back the 6th week for my last session.  I still think me and my vagina are awesome.  


  1. "I still think me and my vagina are awesome." - This is the best attitude!

    1. :) that's one of my favorite lines :)